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Attorneys for public and private investments - turn-key projects and real property

The commercial success of an investment or business venture not only depends on commercial and technical criteria but increasingly on skilled legal consultation.


Most importantly there has to be clarity between the contracting parties as to the responsibilities concerning duties and risks. Naturally it is expedient to allocate duties and risks according to which party is most able to master them. Through the diligent drafting of contracts it is possible to clearly allocate the duties and risks. This is particularly pertinent to contracts pertaining to property sales, contracts relating to the formation of companies and partnership agreements as well as construction contracts. These contracts have to be drafted in such a manner, that neither party is left with uncalculated obligations and risks. Furthermore, public investment projects (eg. government buildings, infrastructure and waste disposal) and investment projects in the spheres of energy supply, water supply and traffic infrastructure have to take note of European tender law.


Part of successful contract management is the ability to avoid legal pitfalls and to clarify the legal position at an early stage in cases of doubt. Through dependable factual and legal assessment, most disputes can be settled out of court. Should a court case be unavoidable, its successful outcome is largely dependant on a good cooperation between attorney and client.


Individual assistance of high quality

We see ourselves as a service-rendering enterprise. We are specialised and can therefore offer highly qualified legal assistance. At the same time you will have a personal addressee who is familiar with your case and able to accommodate your wishes.


The founder of this law firm Eckart Putzier was partner of Clifford Chance Pünder until August 2001. Over the last 25 years he has worked in many areas of commercial law, specialising in consulting investors/builder-owners/contracting agencies and contractors with regard to tenders, complex investment projects as well as drafting contracts. Partners of the firm are Tanja Schulze Ueding and Katharina Götting who are also focussing mainly on the practice areas of construction law, public procurement law and leases.


In 2014, Martin Henke joined the firm as a partner. He had previously, since 1997, run his own firm with a focus on construction and architectural law as well as real property law.


The emphasis of our work lies in the consultation and representation of medium and large local and overseas businesses and public sector companies as well as notary work. Next to general commercial, corporate and labour law, we offer our services mainly in the area of real property law, including construction and tender law.



Handelsblatt/Best Lawyers 2019: Construction Law and Real Estate Law


JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2016/2017:


Competitor: „Very precise and efficient“, „very practical and goal-oriented.“ (translation)



Legal 500 Germany 2014:


„Eckart Putzier is regarded as a 'very, very good lawyer'.“ (translation)


JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2013/2014:


„The solid boutique firm of founding partner and Notary Dr. Eckart Putzier („broad and profound experience in construction law and law regarding architects and engineering”, client; „very reliable and sophisticated“, competitor) enjoys an excellent reputation in and around Berlin … .“ (translation)


JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2012/2013:


„Partner and Notary Dr. Eckart Putzier is regarded, by competitors, as „very practical and aim-oriented“ and has an excellent reputation also with clients.“ (translation)


Legal 500 Germany 2012/2013:


„The broad practice of the firm is widely known, inter alia, for the excellent reputation of Dr. Eckart Putzier.“ (translation)


Kanzleien in Deutschland 2010:


„Putzier – lawyers and notary is a successfully operating law firm that by the expertise of Dr. Eckart Putzier in construction law enjoys an excellent reputation beyond Berlin.“ (translation)


JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2007/2008:


„Partner and notary Dr. Eckart Putzier („professional, reliable“, competitors) and his team belong to the few Berlin law firms with capability in construction matters that defend their good reputation to competitors with high steadiness.“ (translation)


Legal 500 2007:


„Putzier is a Berlin-based commercial firm with capability in construction matters in particular.“

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